How to Make Your Electric Scooter Go Faster: 7 Easy Tips

Electric scooters provide a lovely and problem-free means of transportation in urban areas. Nevertheless, there can be activities while you desire a moderate augmentation in velocity. Whether it’s for time efficiency, manoeuvring thru site visitors, or absolutely in search of a greater exhilarating revel, there are straightforward techniques to beautify the rate of your electric scooter.

In this article, we can offer you seven trustworthy suggestions to decorate your scooter’s speed, main to a smoother and extra enjoyable ride. These recommendations are typically applicable to most electric scooter fashions. However, we advise consulting your scooter’s manual and reviewing your guarantee before making any adjustments.

By following those pointers, you could release the capacity for a quicker and extra thrilling trip on your electric scooter, catering to your man or woman possibilities and ensuring a gratifying journey.

How To Make An Electric Scooter Faster?

  • Verify your tire pressure and inflate it to the ideal level.
  • Enhance your battery by upgrading to a greater voltage, capacity, or discharge rate.
  • Eliminate the speed limiter if present on your scooter.
  • Swap your sprockets to a smaller one on the motor side or a larger one on the wheel side.
  • Elevate your motor to a higher wattage, voltage, or RPM.
  • Decrease your weight by eliminating any superfluous accessories or items from your scooter or yourself.
  • Sustain regular maintenance on your scooter by cleaning, lubricating, inspecting, tightening, and replacing any necessary parts.

Tip 1: Maintain Optimal Tire Pressure

Ensuring that your electric scooter keeps the right tire strain is a simple but powerful manner to beautify its velocity. Regularly checking and maintaining the proper tire strain is crucial for a cushy journey, advanced overall performance, and accelerated safety.

To check your tire stress, use a tire gauge or a pump with a built-in gauge. Refer to your scooter’s guide or the tire sidewall for the recommended stress. If the stress is just too low, use a pump to inflate it to the most beneficial stage. If it is too high, release some air with the use of a valve.

By retaining your tire pressure at the proper degree, you will experience progressed velocity, better dealing with, and better safety at some point in your electric scooter rides.

how to make my electric scooter faster

Tip 2: Upgrade Your Battery

Another technique to boom the velocity of your electric scooter is using upgrading the battery. The battery serves because the primary power source in your scooter, figuring out both its pace and range. A low-high-quality or old battery can limit your scooter’s overall performance and speed.

To upgrade your battery, you’ll want to discover a well-matched one that offers a higher voltage, capacity, or discharge fee in comparison to your unique battery. A higher voltage gives extra strength, multiplied capability gives an extra range, and a higher discharge charge supplies more cutting-edge. However, it is critical to bear in mind elements like weight, size, and price whilst selecting a new battery.

Before intending to the battery improve, make certain that it fits in your scooter’s battery compartment and is well suited to the controller and motor. Additionally, take a look at if the upgrade will affect your warranty or the felony compliance of your scooter.

Upgrading your battery will enable you to reap extra pace and variety in your electric scooter.

Tip 3: Remove the Speed Limiter

Certain electric scooters come with a pace limiter that restricts their pace. Although that is usually for protection or criminal motives, it can restrict the enjoyment of your experience. If you prefer a quicker electric scooter, you could explore doing away with the speed limiter.

The speed limiter usually exists as a compact device related to your scooter’s throttle or controller. Its nature, whether mechanical or digital, relies upon the scooter model. To remove it, you need to find the velocity limiter and disconnect it from the device.

However, it’s far vital to understand the capability dangers and consequences earlier than putting off the velocity limiter. Doing so might also render your scooter hazardous or unlawful for street use. Additionally, it can result in damage to your scooter’s components, overheating, or quick circuits. Removing the velocity limiter might also void your guarantee or insurance.

Unleash your electric scooter’s complete-speed capability by way of casting off the rate limiter.

how to make your electric scooter faster

Tip 4: Change Your Sprockets

Changing the sprockets on your electric scooter is another way to increase its speed. Sprockets are the toothed metal components that connect the chain or belt of your scooter to the motor and wheel, determining the rotational speed.

For sprocket modification, locate replacements with a distinct tooth count from the originals. Smaller sprockets on the motor side boost speed but reduce torque (acceleration), whereas larger sprockets on the wheel side decrease speed while increasing torque. To discover the optimal balance for your needs, consider experimenting with changing both sprockets.

Before replacing the sprockets, ensure compatibility with your scooter’s chain or belt and check if they fit within your scooter’s frame. Additionally, verify if changing the sprockets will impact the alignment or tension of the chain or belt.

Fine-tune your electric scooter’s speed and torque by modifying the sprockets.

Tip 5: Upgrade Your Motor

An efficient method to enhance the speed of your electric scooter is by upgrading the motor. The motor acts as the core component, dictating the power and speed capabilities. A subpar or feeble motor can limit your scooter’s speed and performance.

To upgrade the motor, find a compatible one with higher wattage, voltage, or RPM compared to the original. More wattage means more power, higher voltage means greater speed and higher RPM means increased revolutions per minute. However, consider the weight, size, and cost of the new motor.

Before upgrading, ensure compatibility with your scooter’s controller and battery, as well as fitting within the frame. Also, check if the motor upgrade affects the warranty or legality of your scooter.

By upgrading the motor, you can enhance the speed and power of your electric scooter.

how to make your electric scooter go faster

Tip 6: Reduce Your Weight

An alternative technique to boost the velocity of your electric scooter is the aid of dropping weight. The general weight of both the scooter and rider can have an impact on the pace and overall performance. The heavier the load, the greater power and strength required for propulsion.

To lighten the weight, put off pointless accessories or objects from the scooter and yourself. Opt for lighter garb, and shoes, and carry fewer gadgets in your backpack. Riding solo in place of a passenger can also have an impact.

By dropping weight, you could enhance the velocity and performance of your electric scooter.

Tip 7: Maintain Your Scooter

Regular maintenance is a crucial way to increase the speed of your electric scooter. A well-maintained scooter can run faster and smoother, while a neglected one may experience problems such as friction, drag, noise, or breakdowns.

To maintain your scooter, follow these steps:

  • Regularly clean your scooter to eliminate dirt, dust, or debris that can impede its performance or cause harm.
  • Lubricate the chain or belt, bearings, and brakes to reduce friction, noise, and improve performance.
  • Check and tighten any loose screws, bolts, nuts, or wires that can cause vibrations or malfunctions.
  • Replace worn-out or damaged parts like tires, brakes, lights, or batteries that can affect safety or performance.
  • Fully and properly charge your battery to avoid power loss or damage.

By maintaining your scooter, you can extend its lifespan and enhance its speed.


Achieving better speeds along with your electric scooter is inside reach. By imposing these 7 simple suggestions, you could beautify your speed and enjoy a smoother ride for your electric scooter. Nonetheless, it’s miles important to exercise caution and responsibility while riding at increased speeds. Always prioritize safety by sporting a helmet and other protective equipment, adhering to traffic regulations and policies, and displaying appreciation to different road users and pedestrians. Furthermore, it’s far advisable to keep away from unsafe or congested areas.

We believe that this article has supplied valuable insights on a way to boom the rate of your electric scooter. If you have any inquiries or recommendations, please experience unfastened to go away a comment underneath. Enjoy your scooting adventures!

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FAQ section

How to remove the speed limiter on an electric scooter?

The speed limiter on an electric scooter is typically a compact circuit board positioned near the battery. To disable it, you must first unscrew the deck of the scooter and locate the speed limiter. Upon locating it, you can choose to either disconnect the wires or completely remove the circuit board.

How to make my electric scooter go faster without voiding the warranty?

Update the firmware: Some electric scooters offer firmware upgrades that can boost the maximum speed. Contact your scooter’s manufacturer to inquire about this possibility.

Replace the tires: Opting for wider tires with increased tread will enhance traction but reduce your scooter’s speed. Conversely, narrower tires with less tread can help you achieve higher speeds.

Ensure proper tire inflation: Insufficiently inflated tires generate more resistance, impeding your scooter’s velocity. Consult the owner’s manual for the recommended tire pressure and ensure they are inflated accordingly.

Eliminate reflectors: Reflectors contribute to drag and decelerate your scooter. If they are not necessary for safety, removing them will enhance your speed.

What are the best ways to upgrade my electric scooter?

Upgraded battery: Installing a battery with greater capacity provides an extended range and increased top speed.

Enhanced motor: A more potent motor contributes to higher speeds and improved hill-climbing performance.

Advanced controller: Upgrading the controller maximizes the utilization of your battery and motor power.

Improved tires: Opting for wider tires with enhanced tread enhances traction and handling capabilities.

Lightweight frame: A lighter frame facilitates easier portability and quicker acceleration.

What are the pros and cons of swapping out my electric scooter’s battery?

Swapping out your electric scooter’s battery has its share of advantages and disadvantages. On the positive side, a new battery can provide a longer range and increased top speed. It also helps prolong the overall lifespan of your scooter by reducing strain on the old battery. However, there are downsides to consider. Replacing the battery can be costly and may potentially void your warranty. Additionally, ensuring compatibility between the new battery and your scooter is crucial.

What are the best racing tires for electric scooters?

Kenda K580: Renowned for its exceptional grip and handling, this tire also boasts a relatively lightweight and durable design.

Maxxis Hookworm: Another favored selection for electric scooter racing, this tire provides reliable grip, handling, and puncture resistance.

CST C-114: A cost-effective option for electric scooter racing, this tire delivers solid grip and handling, although it may not match the lightweight and durability of some other tires mentioned here.

How can I make my electric scooter lighter?

To reduce the weight of your electric scooter, there are several approaches you can take. Firstly, consider removing any unnecessary accessories like the kickstand or headlight. Another option is to replace the tires with lighter alternatives. For those seeking significant weight reduction, replacing the frame with a lighter one is also a viable option.

What are the safety risks of increasing the speed of my electric scooter?

Increasing the speed of your electric scooter comes with inherent safety risks. Firstly, higher speeds elevate the chances of losing control. Secondly, the risk of injury to both yourself and others in the event of a crash escalates with increased speeds. Lastly, surpassing the speed limit designated for electric scooters in your area can lead to potential legal repercussions.

What are the laws regarding electric scooter speed in my state?

The regulations about how rapidly you may ride your electric scooter can range relying on which state you are in. Some states are pretty sit-back and do not have a strict pace limit, so you can cruise at something pace you experience cushty with. But in other states, they’ve got a few suggestions in location, like 15 mph, 20 mph, or even 25 mph. If you are curious to recognize what’s the inside track to your nation, you could swing by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website. They were given all of the information you want to journey adequately and responsibly.

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