Seattle Electric Scooter Laws: Everything You Need to Know

Electric scooters are an awesome way to look at Seattle, without harming the surroundings. But earlier than you have amusement with those machines, you want to realize the laws and policies that manage how they work within the town.

This article will give you a whole guide on what electric scooters are, how you could get them from exceptional places, which you could trip them on one-of-a-kind styles of streets and trails, and the way you may live securely and observe the regulation on them.

Seattle Electric Scooter Laws

AgeRiders must be at least 16 years old to operate an electric scooter.
HelmetsRiders are required to wear helmets.
Speed limitThe speed limit for electric scooters is 15 mph.
Riding areasElectric scooters can be ridden on streets, bike lanes, and in alleys. They are not allowed on sidewalks, school grounds, or playgrounds.
ParkingElectric scooters must be parked in designated areas or out of the way of pedestrians and vehicles.
PenaltiesRiders who violate the electric scooter laws may be fined up to $124.

What Are Electric Scooters?

A sort of vehicle that has two wheels and runs on energy is called an electric scooter. It has a motor and a battery that may be plugged in and recharged. Some electric scooters have a seat for the rider, at the same time as others most have a platform to face on.

The quickest pace that an electric scooter can cross is 15 miles in keeping with the hour. Some one-of-a-kind names for electric scooters are e-scooters, motorized foot scooters, or micro-mobility gadgets.

Some agencies provide electric scooters for rent to the general public. They use a device that helps you to locate, liberate, and pay for a scooter together with your smartphone. You can use an app to do this.

Regulations for electric scooters in Seattle

After you find out a scooter, you could journey it to where you want to move and go away on the sidewalk. You want to make sure that there may be enough room for humans and wheelchairs to get byway. You also can use the app to stop your experience while you are carried out.

How to Rent Electric Scooters in Seattle?

In September 2020, the town of Seattle started an ordeal task to check the use of electric scooters as a method of transportation. The task lets most of the 3 corporations that provide scooter-sharing offerings operate their scooters in the metropolis.

The trial challenge has a length of 12 months and will check how electric scooters affect Seattle’s transportation machines in phrases of impacts and advantages.

The three companies that are currently authorized to offer electric scooters in Seattle are:

•  Lime: Lime offers electric scooters that you could either stand or sit down on. To use a Lime scooter, you need to download the Lime app from the App Store or Google Play and create an account. Then, you may use the app to discover and unencumber a scooter this is close to you. The condominium rate for a Lime scooter is $1 for unlocking and 36 cents for each minute of use. You can also buy a Lime Pass that offers you unlimited rides for a fixed rate. Lime also has a program called Lime Access that gives lower charges for riders who have low earnings.

•  Wheels: Wheels provides electric scooters which have a seat, a basket, and a helmet. To use a Wheels scooter, you want to download the Wheels app from the App Store or Google Play and create an account. Then, you may use the app to discover and release a scooter this is close to you. The apartment price for a Wheels scooter is $1 for unlocking and 29 cents for every minute of driving. You also can purchase a Wheels Pass that offers you limitless rides for a set price. Wheels also has software referred to as Wheels for All that offers lower charges for riders who have low incomes.

electric scooter laws Seattle

•  LINK: LINK presents electric scooters that you can stand on and which have a battery machine that may be replaced. To use a LINK scooter, you want to download the LINK app from the App Store or Google Play and create an account. Then, you may use the app to discover and release a scooter that is close to you. The rental rate for a LINK scooter is $1 for unlocking and 35 cents for every minute of driving. You can also purchase a LINK Pass that offers you limitless rides for a hard and fast fee. LINK also has a software called LINK-Up that gives decreased charges for riders who’ve low incomes.

Where to Ride Electric Scooters in Seattle?

The town of Seattle has installed specific policies and rules that govern wherein you’re allowed to journey electric scooters within the metropolis. These policies are supposed to ensure the safety of each of the folks who ride electric scooters and the alternative users of the road. Here are some of the principal regulations that you have to observe whilst you are driving an electric scooter in Seattle:

•  You must be at a minimum of sixteen years antique to trip an electric scooter on a road or public place.

•  You have to wear a helmet that is accredited and that has a strap that is going around your chin or neck. The strap has to be securely fastened while you’re riding the electrical scooter.

•  You are not allowed to carry any other person on your electric scooter.

•  You aren’t allowed to experience your electric scooter on sidewalks except there’s no other way for a motorized foot scooter to journey over a sidewalk that is part of a route for bicycles or pedestrians.

Seattle scooter laws

•  You ought to trip your electric scooter on lanes for bicycles or on roads that have speed limits of 25 mph or much less except some signs or markings say in any other case.

•  You ought to journey your electric scooter at the right aspect of the street, as close as feasible to the right scale down or fringe of the roadway, except while you are passing any other car, getting geared up for a left flip, or averting obstacles.

•  You ought to comply with all the traffic legal guidelines, signals, signs, and markings that apply to bicycles.

•  You ought to give the right-of-way to pedestrians and cyclists always.

•  You must use lights and reflectors when it’s miles darkish or whilst the visibility is low.

One of the methods to experience the metropolis of Seattle is to experience an electric scooter, which permits you to explore distinctive locations, shop cash on transportation, and reduce your effect on the environment.

However, you also must be responsible and respectful when you use an electric scooter. Here are some tips on the way to stay safe and legal on electric scooters in Seattle:

•  Before you start riding, inspect your electric scooter for any harm or defects that could affect its performance or safety. Make positive that the battery has enough energy, the tires have sufficient air strain, the brakes are functioning properly, and the lights and reflectors are visible.

•  Plan your path ahead of time and pick the great roads, bike lanes, paths, or trails for electric scooters. Avoid roads that have plenty of visitors, potholes, particles, or steep hills that might make driving difficult or dangerous. Check the climate conditions earlier than you ride and avoid driving in rain, snow, or fog that could lessen your visibility or traction.

electric scooter laws in Seattle

•  Wear suitable gear and garb that shield you and make you visible to different street customers. Wear a helmet that fits well and meets the DOT requirements for protection. Wear vivid or reflective apparel that makes you stand proud of the historical past. Wear gloves, footwear, and sunglasses that shield your hands, ft, and eyes from injuries or glare.

•  Ride defensively and with courtesy and be aware of your environment and assume ability risks or conflicts. Signal your intentions and speak with different road customers through the use of hand gestures or verbal cues. Respect the right-of-way guidelines and yield to pedestrians and cyclists whenever vital. Follow the speed restriction and regulate your pace consistent with the road conditions and traffic drift. Do no longer ride beneath the impact of alcohol or tablets that could impair your judgment or coordination.

•  Park your electric scooter well and no longer cause any inconvenience or obstruction to others. Park your electric scooter in exact regions or on the sidewalk, leaving enough area for pedestrians and wheelchair users to bypass by using. Do now not park your electric scooter on private assets, in driveways, in bike racks, or front of entrances or exits that would block get entry to or purpose harm.


One of the pleasant approaches to exploring Seattle is to ride an electric scooter, that can offer you convenience, fun, and eco-friendliness.

However, before you decide to ride one, you want to be aware of the legal guidelines and rules that govern those automobiles in the city.

By complying with those legal guidelines and regulations, you may ensure that you are riding an electric scooter appropriately and legally in Seattle. Have a remarkable time and be cautious!

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FAQ section

Can I ride an electric scooter on the sidewalk in Seattle?

No, it is not permissible to ride electric scooters on Seattle sidewalks, with the exception of designated portions of bike lanes or trails that intersect with sidewalks.

What is the speed limit for electric scooters in Seattle?

The maximum speed allowed for electric scooters in Seattle is 15 mph.

Where can I ride an electric scooter in Seattle?

Electric scooters are permitted on roads with a maximum speed limit of 25 mph or lower. Additionally, they are authorized to operate on designated bike lanes and trails.

Do I need a helmet to ride an electric scooter in Seattle?

No, helmets are not mandatory for riders of electric scooters in Seattle, although they are highly recommended.

What are the penalties for violating Seattle electric scooter laws?

Those who violate electric scooter laws in Seattle may face fines of up to $100.

What are the rules for parking electric scooters in Seattle?

Electric scooters should be parked in designated areas or in locations that do not obstruct pedestrians.

What are the insurance requirements for electric scooter riders in Seattle?

Having insurance is not a mandatory requirement for riding an electric scooter in Seattle.

What are the safety tips for riding electric scooters in Seattle?

Follow all traffic regulations.
Ensure you wear a helmet.
Signal with your hands when necessary.
Stay vigilant of your surroundings.
Avoid riding on sidewalks.
Limit scooter occupancy to one person.
Refrain from riding under the influence.
Park your scooter in assigned areas or away from pedestrian paths.

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